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New Year - New Us!

Today we wanted to let our community know that our brand will be following a slightly different path with Tori stepping back from the day-to-day operations of the brand following a merger with Wellington based brand Little Yellow Bird. Sam (Founder of Little Yellow Bird) and Tori have known and worked together for a number of years with Little Yellow Bird supporting the manufacture of last year's collection. 

Who is Little Yellow Bird?
Little Yellow Bird was started by Sam in 2015 and is an apparel manufacturing company that specialises in organic, fair trade clothing with full traceability from farm to factory. They have won numerous sustainability awards and were the first company in Aotearoa to offer textile recycling (basically turning old clothes into new fibres). Product stewardship is important to Little Yellow Bird which means they take back any of their clothing at the end of life, this now means they also accept back any too old to wear Kauri & Sons products.

What does this mean for the future of Kauri & Sons?
Kauri & Sons will continue as it's own brand and identity and you can expect to see your favourite designs sticking around with the odd tweak to fit here and there, we would love your help if you have any feedback on this. Tori will also be staying on in a creative capacity, so expect to see some more gorgeous prints from her this winter too. We can’t wait to share what’s next over the coming weeks and we thank you so much for your ongoing support of Kauri & Sons.

We remain committed to all of the values you know and love. We promise to stay true to these and continue pushing for a more inclusive and sustainable fashion industry. 

Our brand promises include:

  • All of our cotton is organic certified and traceable back to farm 
  • Exclusively organic certified dyes and prints
  • All of our packaging is zero waste 
  • Easy exchanges and return shipping
  • Free to return at the end of life for inclusion in our recycling program

Sam and Tori


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