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The Ace of Trace

Traceable from Farm to Finished Product

Before you worry we’re getting all Big Brother on you – we’re not Liam Neeson. We don’t have an intricate web of spy-satellites helping us track every one of our happy Kauri & Sons customers.

But we are deeply committed to ethically sourcing all the fibres and materials going into our New Zealand crafted clothing. So committed, in fact, that we can track every piece of cotton we use right back to the farmer that grew the crop.

See, we want peace of mind with the clothes we make. We want to know that when we say our clothing is ethically sourced and environmentally friendly, the facts will line up with our words.

And we want you to have the same peace of mind – that when you purchase one of our products, you know your money is supporting practices that are sustainable, ethical and loveable.

So that’s why we don’t just source the highest-quality, natural and sustainable fibres we can find – but we also ensure that each unit of our organic, rain-fed cotton is traceable from farm to factory to freight to finished product. Fantastic.

Kauri & Sons ability to track our supply chains ensures we are supporting the small-scale cotton farmers who work sustainably. It means we can confirm that our farming partners are practicing habits to regenerate the land through their cropping, and to utilise organic methods for beautiful organic cotton. And it means we can track the cotton through the dyeing and shipping process – ensuring this is all done in a way that brings a smile to Mother Nature’s dial.

So, although we’re not international detectives (we still can’t find Carmen San Diego), we are proud of our ability to track each part of our products from sustainable farm to your front door – making sure every last stitch of our Kauri & Sons products is as good to the world as it is to your eyes.


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