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No Time For Waste!

Minimal Waste, Maximum Joy

Growing up in New Zealand means growing up with the ocean. Memories of summer holidays at the beach, fishing with family and boogie-boarding with kids seems like a common thread joining Kiwis together.

So when we heard that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, we were justifiably shocked.

As we dug deeper, we discovered that more than 99% of textile products purchased for use end up rotting in landfill. We think our beautiful country deserves better than that – and we think you deserve better, too.

Up front – we think the need for transparency is (excuse the pun) crystal clear. We’d love to say we’re 100% plastic free – but we’re not there yet! Some of our pants have elastic waist bands (which can be cut out to be re-used before composting the majority of the item) and our courier labels are traditional stickers which unfortunately means there is plastic involved. Our quest to trim our waste has been a fun one, however, and we’ve made significant steps – so our ecological footprint is not so significant.

First of all – our clothing is 100% cotton. We don’t put any plastic (or fancy-schmancy-words for plastic) in our clothing – so you won’t see any Spandex, Lycra or elastane in our craft! So once your Kauri & Sons clothing has finished its journey of being handed down from child to child – you can cut it up and put it on your compost pile.

That’s right. Our clothing is so natural and friendly, you can use it to grow plants and produce.

We only use wooden buttons. We only use metal zippers (you can recycle those). We don’t use nasty dyes. We do all we can to make sure none of our products will end up polluting the earth or sea – but can instead be used for good.

We think that’s pretty neat. But we don’t stop there.

When we ship your Kauri & Sons products to you, we only use compostable satchels or cardboard boxes (no plastic courier bags here, thank you very much!). We’re sticking with gummed paper tape for all our adhesives – which uses natural vegetable glue, and is activated by water.

We only get this one world – and we think the one we’ve got is pretty neat. So we’re committed to reducing our waste at Kauri & Sons, so the beautiful memories of a clean and pure New Zealand we’ve enjoyed will be the future for our kids. And although that might cost us a little bit more – we know that any investment minimising waste, is no waste.


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