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Grounded in God’s Own

Kiwi Proud + Family Focused

When it came to naming our business we knew what we wanted. Our name had to reflect our passion for Aotearoa, our love of family, and our desire to craft clothing that is friendly to the environment without compromising on endurance and quality.

After countless cups of coffee and brainstorming sessions – we finally nailed it.

Kauri & Sons.

When the first explorers came to New Zealand, they were stunned by the kauri tree. Charles Darwin called it ‘the famous kauri pine’. Richard Cunningham called it ‘the undisputed monarch of the forest’ – way back in 1836!

See, the kauri tree is proudly Kiwi and is around for the long-haul. Most kauri trees can live over 600 years, providing shade and beauty for generations. They don’t kick other trees out of the way, they don’t crawl and choke their neighbours – but they enjoy the sunlight of a good New Zealand summer, and keep enduring through the wet of winter.

We like that. The kauri stands tall and strong, with deep roots connected to the land. This captures the heart of why we parent and why we exist – wanting Kiwi kids to stand tall and proud, with deep connections to their place and their people.

And we mention our kids for a reason. Kauri & Sons is a family business – and although we’re new to the scene, we plan to be around for years to come!

This isn’t just a value on the wall, but is a passion in our DNA. Our grandparents took a brave entrepreneurial step many decades ago, launching their own sewing business from their home in the Philippines. We’re grateful for this legacy – and Kauri & Sons is one more step in the journey of those who have gone before us.

When you see our name, you see our heart. A native business to New Zealand, with a heart for making clothes for the little kiwis growing up in our fine country. Designed by family, for family – with a touch of all things Aotearoa.


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