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Live & Let’s Dye!

Earth-Friendly Dyes Keeping it Green

If you’ve ever tried your hand at dying fabric before you know the process can be a little bit…messy. Splashes and stains, with all kinds of unknown chemicals working their magic to transform your shirt into a tie-dyed masterpiece.

The problem is these traditional dyes are not only messy to use – but they’re messy for the planet. A big percentage – sometimes as high as 20% – of the dye used doesn’t bind to the fabric, but is instead washed away with the wastewater.

And at many traditional manufacturers, this water is released into lakes, streams and rivers. Not only can these dyes kill all kinds of aquatic life, but they also impact the amount of sunlight shining through the waterways. Unfortunately, algae – the basis of the aquatic food chain – need this sunlight to flourish.

So the flow-on effect of this dye is literally death.

At Kauri & Sons, we think this isn’t good enough. More than 1 billion people on the planet still don’t have access to clean water – so making clean water dirty with dye for clothes production just doesn’t add up for us. So, we have a commitment to only use dyes that lead to life.

Our manufacturers only use non-toxic, azo-free (azo is nasty and carcinogenic. Trust us!) and GOTS-certified dyes – ensuring any dye left in our waste-water is going to be a friendly dye.

But it gets better. We don’t dump our wastewater into waterways – because we don’t want any dye left behind. Instead, our manufacturers wash, filter and clean all the water we use, with 95% of it brought up to drinking quality.

The other 5%? This is redirected to make bricks and roading materials in developing countries, helping support their infrastructure and build new houses.

Why go the extra mile with our dyes? Because we’re committed to designing high-quality clothes that are friendly on skin and friendly to the environment. And that’s something we’re willing to dye for.


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