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Our Cotton Difference? It’s Rain and Simple

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Cloud-fed + Earth Friendly

You’d be forgiven for thinking all cotton is created equal. It’s white, it’s fluffy, it grows in the ground. Humans have been planting, cultivating and spinning cotton for thousands of years. So surely it’s all the same, right?

Not quite!

We believe clothes should be made with love and this needs to be woven into the materials we choose to use, and you choose for your child. This means Kauri & Sons need to use cotton which is friendly to both the world and your baby’s skin – and that is why we only use rain-fed organic cotton in all our clothing.

It’s no secret that growing cotton takes a lot of water. Traditional cotton production can take over 10,000 litres of water (you read that right!) to make just one kilogram of fabric – and much of this water is polluted by nasty chemicals and dyes. We don’t like that one little bit!

Rain-fed cotton, on the other-hand, is only grown during the rainy seasons. Our farmers don’t pump water out of rivers and lakes but rely on Mother Nature to turn on the taps and irrigate their crops.

And when you grow your cotton from the clouds – it’s no surprise that Kauri & Sons cotton is deliciously soft and gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

We keep the friendly practices humming once our cotton is picked, too. Kauri & Sons cotton uses only non-toxic, azo free, low impact dyes – with any waste-water being carefully filtered and cleaned for re-use.

So if you haven’t cottoned on yet (sorry, not sorry) – we take this pretty seriously. We only work with suppliers who share our values, and every step of our supply chain is meticulously monitored from first bud to the final stitch.

We go the extra-mile to ensure our products are beautifully designed, environmentally-friendly and gentle on your baby’s precious skin, from head-to-toe.


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